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2. Fairness Statement

The software used by BingoHouseTM is state of the art and is designed to be 100% fair and random for all players. BingoHouseTM will continue to work with our software developers to reinforce the program's reliability and address technical issues that have arisen because of factors affecting Internet Bingo. BingoHouseTM will continue to update their software when necessary.

Unlike a brick and mortar bingo hall where a player can shout 'BINGO' and immediately stop the game online bingo is played around the world by players in different time zones via. A network of interconnected routers, servers and satellite connections. Most of the time the internet runs smoothly and networked traffic arrives at its destination promptly. Unfortunately there are a few factors that can prevent this information from arriving on time. BingoHouseTM has addressed and solved thousands of player help tickets over the years. The most common issues have been;

  1. Dropped internet connections. This can occur when a player's dialup connection to their ISP times out or someone in the player's residence picks up a second phone while the dialup connection is on. Occasionally ISP's have technical problems that can terminate connections. Today most players no longer use dialup connections thanks to wider broadband access.
  2. System Hang ups are another issue that can cause a lost connection. Hang ups occur when the system encounters a problem that prevents it from operating normally and crashes. System hang ups can happen with any software program. Technicians at BingoHouseTM analyzed system hang ups and found that this happens about 0.001% (or 1 in every thousand) of all the bingo games played.
  3. Internet routing issues can cause problems for players. Sometimes networks get congested preventing traffic from arriving at its destination.
  4. Socket errors can cause dropped connections and routing issues. This usually indicates a poor or nonfunctioning online connection.

In the case of dropped connections and other internet problems BingoHouseTM always takes "the customer is always right" attitude and will credit back player winnings and other credits. At the same time BingoHouse is working with software experts to make sure problems are rare and players have the best bingo experience possible. BingoHouseTM wants to make sure that after a player has purchased a card the game is not affected by the;

  1. Instability of the internet
  2. Speed of one player's internet connection over the other player's connection.
  3. Physical location.

During the past five years BingoHouseTM has continued to evolve and is now able to provide players with award winning service and the fairest and most reliable games on the net. Listed below is our "Game System Protocol". We at BingoHouseTM hope it clearly explains how our game system operates and that all games are fair and random. Here is our Game System Protocol;

  • The Game Server Starts a New game by selecting the card pattern for the next game.
  • The Game server enables card purchasing by players.
  • The Players manually select their game cards from a deck of unlimited bingo cards.
  • Players purchase their desired cards. The purchase requests are sent to the game server.
  • The game server receives the purchase requests from the players and enters their selected cards into the game. The server sends an acknowledgement back to the player telling the player that their cards have been purchased, and entered into the game.
  • 10 Seconds before game start time the game server stops further card purchasing.
  • The game server then generates numbers between 1 and 75 using the random number generator.
  • The game server then applies the random calls to each of the player purchased bingo cards and cross-checks each card with the winning pattern. With this procedure, the game server has now determined the number of winning bingo cards in the deck of player purchased cards and at which call the cards have won.
  • The game server then broadcasts all of the calls to the players' game clients.
  • The player's game client software receives this information and begins calling the numbers.
  • Calls are presented to the user every ten seconds.
  • Players can then play and chat with other players knowing that in the event of any system, or telecommunications or internet interruption their cards have been fairly entered into the game and that in each case the true game winner (or winners) will be awarded the prize.

Our game system is totally fair and random. Players are presented with random cards which they can select. Game calls are generated after card sales have closed. There are no site factors that can assist or deter players from winning since playing bingo is a matter of card selection and luck.