The Bizarre World of Online Bingo

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Bizzarre Online Bingo Games
Bingo is traditionally a game played with numbered cards and is played by millions of players around the globe. While bingo is a classic game the online bingo world has enabled the game to evolve in ways that would have been unheard of twenty years ago. Astro Bingo, Baby Shower Bingo and Valentine Bingo are just a few examples of the themes adapted to the online bingo games. Current online bingo themes are unlimited and some of them can be quite humorous. Here are a few examples.

Televangelist Bingo . This is the most bizarre example and probably the most entertaining. An online bingo player downloads cards, then turns on the television, and listens for phrases pertaining to the categories printed on the card. Instead of game rules players listen for the televangelist’s sometime weird version of the Ten Commandments, or the Old and New Testaments. This could be a very wild online bingo game to play and will probably keep the more sophisticated players in stitches.

Bob Dylan Bingo. For baby boomers that play online bingo and Dylan fans this is a combination hard to beat. The games are named after various Dylan songs. With 450 Dylan songs to choose from this version of online bingo never gets repetitive. Instead of the caller shouting O-24, he would be more likely to shout “Like a Rolling Stone”. Dylan fans are a breed unto themselves so the chat that occurs during these online bingo games has got to be great!

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Global Warming Bingo. This one is for the scientific among online bingo players. While there are many schools of thought on global warming, this satirical approach is very amusing. Instead of numbers the cards are marked with various arguments such as, “In the 70s scientist were predicting an ice age”, “belief in global warming is a religion”, and my favorite, “science doesn’t work by consensus”. Actually a more appropriate title would be Global Warming Skeptic Bingo, but no matter what side of the debate you’re on this online bingo game is sure to entertain and enlighten.

And last, but certainly not least, Hipster Bingo. This trendy version of online bingo brings a new level of fun to online bingo. Instead of the traditional numbers the bingo cards feature icons such as, the hoodie, old school Chuck Taylor, Ironic moustache, and the blogger with digital camera, to name just a few. The most exciting part of the game is, when players get a “bingo” they shout BINGO at the top of their lungs and break a bunch of beer bottles. Definitely not for the staid or sedentary!

Who knows what the future of online bingo will bring. From the traditional game to the bizarre one thing is sure, online bingo is never boring.

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