Grand Rapids: Bingo Capitol

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BingoLingo a new bingo news and information website has named Grand Rapids Michigan as “Bingo Capitol of the USA”. has determined that Grand Rapids has more Bingo games per capita than any other metropolitan area in the United States.

Our studies have shown that Grand Rapids has more bingo games and halls than any other metropolitan area in the United States and more bingo players on a per capita basis than anywhere else in the country. Grand Rapids also has a growing population of players who play bingo online.

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According to the US census Grand Rapids has a population of approximately 774,084, with a combined statistical area population of 1,320,487. The city, located in western Michigan has an ethnically diverse population including a large population of Roman Catholics which may account for the popularity of bingo in this mid-sized city.

Catholic churches have used bingo as a fundraising device for decades. In fact the church has done more than any other entity to popularize the game of bingo not only among Catholics but also among the general population. Studies also show that Grand Rapids has a larger than average number of online bingo players.

One of the main factors contributing to the switch by some players to online bingo is the recently imposed smoking ban. Studies show that approximately 60% of bingo players are smokers. The ban has greatly contributed to the switch by many players to online bingo.

Bucking recent trends Grand Rapids bingo players still patronize bingo halls with more frequency than anywhere else in the US earning the city the title “Bingo capitol of the US”. We congratulate the city of Grand Rapids “Bingo Capitol of the USA.”

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