Novelty Office Bingo for Online Bingo Players

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Many of us that play online bingo work in the relative comfort of an office environment. Computers have transformed the traditional office environment and the typical office worker has skills that would have been unimaginable twenty years ago. There is one aspect of office life that will never change and that aspect is occasional boredom.

Obviously we can’t play online bingo on the company’s time but there are various ways to entertain ourselves. There have been a few articles about “buzzword bingo” which is a form of bingo to be practiced during meetings but some enterprising folks have come up with a variation called “office bingo.” Not all of us are high enough on the office food chain to be privy to meetings and office bingo was made just for those of us in the trenches. While you can play this game by yourself it is much more entertaining if you recruit your officemates to play along.

Get Started

Like a traditional bingo game you need a card to play. You can make it yourself or download one at Jobacle

Most of the squares on the card are self explanatory but further clarification will help to understand what must be seen and heard to claim the various squares.

Awkward Silence: Offices are loaded with it. Note the silence when the office jerk makes an insulting or stupid comment or the boss makes a serious faux pas.

Community Food: The most common example would be the sugar laden birthday cake or those tooth shattering day old bagels.

Fridge Cleaning: Unfortunately this only happens every six months or so. Some offices have a “refrigerator Nazi.”  Every so often someone posts a note saying that all items will be tossed by a certain date. For some reason it is at this point that a co worker will decide that their eight month old salad dressing has attained the same status as a fine vintage wine and posts a threatening note on said bottle.

Popcorn Nuker: Self explanatory, the smell wafts throughout the office. Especially noticeable if combined with an exotic cheese.

Stinky Lunch: Curry, Nigerian cuisine, delicacies from Madagascar, you get the idea.

Unsolicited Bathroom Talk: You have just settled yourself in front of a urinal or ensconced yourself in a stall for some quiet contemplation and find yourself on the receiving end of twenty questions.

Coffee Spotting: Easiest square to acquire. Just spot someone drinking coffee.

Asked for Office Supply: The supply room is clearly marked damn it! Go get your own stapler, tablet, etc.

Office Whistler: This guy’s psychological profile must be a sight to behold. Always annoying and out of tune.

Temperature Issues: "Who touched the thermostat?" Cold. Hot. Cold Hot.  Can't we all just get along?  To get this square you must overhear someone complaining about the interior temperature.

Random Body Pain: You’re sitting at your desk clanking on your keyboard, minding your own business.  OW!  Some striking pain hits your body for no good reason. You spend about 5 minutes wondering if you're going to die, then you forget about it until the next one comes. If you’re playing with another co worker you’ll have to be honest about this one.

Awkward IT Moment: They're good with technology, but they're not so good at communicating with "laypeople." Whether it's the way they ask you to fill out a trouble ticket or magically appear behind you, you'll know this moment when it happens.

Smokers Return: Like wolves, these tobacco fiends run in packs. After blockading the company entrance, they return, spreading the smell of fire and mint gum throughout the office. Just wait till winter when they sneak smokes in the bathroom. 

Ran Out of Post It Notes: How obvious can it get?

Day / Time Confusion: Statements to look out for - "It's only 11am?" or "All day I thought it was Friday!"  For real confusion wait until after a three or four day weekend.

Random HR Memo: Whether they're changing who handles your 401K or reminding you about the dress code, HR sure is proficient at wasting our time.

Repeated Story: We all deny it, but we're all guilty of this one.  Check off your box if you're hearing a story for the second or third time and don't have the heart to interrupt.

Mention of the Weather: The ultimate in office small talk. One of the easiest squares to get.

Last-Minute Assignment: Have plans for the weekend? Watch how magically projects seem to appear at 4:45 on a Friday.

Called by Boss: Nice and simple.  Your boss calls, you get this box. If he calls to fire you the game is forfeited.

Hallway Shuffle: Mix a narrow hallway with an indecisive walker, and the rest is history.  You go one way.  They go the same way.  Next thing you know, you're doing the Hallway Shuffle! Not to be confused with the Curly Shuffle.

Unidentified Person: Routine is what makes your office such a horrendous place to be.  Isn't it amazing the attention a random workman or visitor from another company gets? Find a stranger and win.

Yawning Epidemic: Must be two or more people yawning at the same time.

While its not as exciting as online bingo and you can’t win money, you can still think bingo, relieve boredom, and entertain yourself, in even the dullest of office environments.

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