Online vs. Land Based slots

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Traditionally, slots have been the most popular games in land based casinos especially those with progressive jackpots. In 1996 the first online slots were offered to players and quickly became the most popular form of gambling on the internet. Online Slots feature amazing graphics, large jackpots and some truly amazing and innovative themes. With major online casino software providers releasing new games every month the choice for online slots players has never been better. Online casinos can now provide a variety of online slots that land based casinos could never hope to match. Internet casinos do not have the limitations that land based casinos have to contend with such as finding room for new machines, paying for the electricity to run them, and the staff to service them.

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Online vs Land Based Slots There are a variety of reasons why people prefer to play online slots. The convenience and comfort of playing online slots from one's own home has been cited as one of the major reasons that players prefer to play online slots. Smoking bans in Europe and the United States is another. Many people who are interested in gambling simply do not live close enough to a land based casino that would enable them to play. Another reason is the variety of online slot games offered. Land based casinos simply cannot compete with online casinos for the variety of online slots games offered. Internet casinos are very competitive and various sites offer various bonuses to secure business. In the past some players were reluctant to play online slots because of concerns that their personal information might be misused in some way. Players should read the terms and conditions and may access reviews of the different online gaming sites and the online slots offered. Internet gambling is a huge industry that generates billions in revenue every year and these businesses simply cannot afford to lose credibility with customers. Almost all online slots sites have a reliable security system in place and the technology of online slots is improving constantly. Probably the most important reason people play online slots in the progressive jackpot. Games like craps or roulette do not offer the chance to win big with a single bet. The average person can win big with a one dollar bet and with online slots the more people playing the better the chance of winning.

There is not really much of a difference between land based slots and online slots. The main difference is in the way the player interacts with them. To put it very simply, in a land based casino the player will physically interact with the slot machine, in online slots the player clicks a mouse. Keep in mind that even in a land based casino the slots use digital computer chip technology to generate reels and slots. Land based casinos have machines with spinning wheels but with advances in graphics online casinos offer more visual variety and the graphics can be stunning. Another fact that should be of interest to online slots players is that the payout percentage at online casinos is often higher than at land based casinos. Slots are still the most popular form of gaming at land based casinos, and online, simply because they provide instant gratification and for most players that’s the bottom line.

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