Eligibility for Chat Bonus Bucks (BBs)

All members are welcome to participate in our chat games. However, players must have funded their account with a minimum deposit of $25.00 within the last 7 days and purchased the minimum cards/tickets required for each respective chat game in order to have BBs credited to their account.

Chat Bonuses are awarded and made available to players via Chat Games as an added form of entertainment and cannot be the primary source in funding one's account. This would be most unfair to all of our other players who fund their accounts to participate in the same bingo games. BingoHouse reserves the right not to award BBs to anyone who falls under this category or if fraudulent activity is detected.

A player may win as many BBs as they wish as long as the amount of BBs won does not exceed their "Available BBs to win" balance. This balance begins with 100% of your first deposit and then it increases by an additional 50% for each deposit made thereafter to a maximum of 500% (5 times) of all deposits made.

The "Available BBs to win" limit is reduced once BBs are credited to the player's account. So for example, if a player's "Available BBs to win" limit is 100 and they have been credited 10 BBs for a chat game win, their new "Available BBs to win" limit would be reduced by the amount credited down to 90 Available BBs to win.

The "Available BBs to win" balance is reset to zero if a Payout is requested and approved. Players can view their balance by visiting the Player's Balance page under the "My Account" section. In addition, their "Available BBs to win" percentage for their next deposit would also be reset to 100%.

Chat BBs are credited to the player's account as soon as the Chat Game finishes and the Chat Game Winners are posted in Chat after each game. If a player has an asterisk (*) next to their BBs amount it means that the player was not credited the full amount of BBs due to the player reaching their "Available BBs to win" limit. The amount shown in Chat is the amount credited and not the actual winning amount.

A player is not allowed to win BBs while having a pending withdrawal(s) request(s) and will only be allowed to win BBs again once the payout is cancelled or approved depending on their "Available BBs to win" limit. Chat BBs won while having a pending withdrawal will not be credited if the payout is cancelled.

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