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90-Ball Bingo Games, Canadian Bingo90-ball bingo is sweeping across the Internet.  Many experts are saying that it is the future of online bingo, but why?  And, more importantly, what is it, how's it different from regular bingo, and how do I play?

90-ball bingo is a variation of bingo that's generally played in Europe and South America, but can be found the world over.  It's has many similarities to the B-I-N-G-O bingo (75-ball bingo) that is common in America, but B-I-N-G and O are not among them.  The 90 balls of 90-ball bingo are not letter specified.  There is no B column containing the numbers 1 - 15.  Instead there are 9 unspecified columns (a bingo card stretched out) and three rows (then squished up).  Numbers 1 - 90 are randomly placed in any position on the bingo card, which is called a ticket.

The ticket, aside from the obvious dimensional differences and lack of B-I-N-G-O, has one other difference that's a key to winning the game.  Each of the three horizontal rows on the bingo ticket has five numbers in it, leaving four blank spaces, which are given as free spaces.

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Every game of 90-ball bingo has three winners.  The winners are the first people to get a bingo in the three distinct ways.  The first bingo is one row, meaning the first player to have all five numbers of one row called wins the first jackpot.  The second bingo is two rows, the first player to cover two horizontal rows.  The final jackpot is called the 'full house,' which, like the blackout in America, is when a bingo player covers an entire card or ticket.

Now that you know the basic rules of 90-ball bingo you're ready to play.  There are several bingo websites online that currently offer 90-ball bingo.  Logging on to one of these websites is just like joining any online bingo room.  Even if you have never played online bingo it's very easy to do.  You fill in some information, make a small deposit and start playing bingo.

The difference in playing 90-ball bingo online and regular bingo is in ticket buying.  You can buy one ticket or you can buy a strip of 6 tickets.  On a strip of 6 tickets all 90 numbers are represented.

No matter how you look at it, you can play free bingo right now.  RIGHT NOW!  You don’t have to wait until Wednesday.  Online bingo is open 24/7, games all the time, free games that you can win money at so why are you still reading?

The other difference is the progressive jackpots that may come.  Experts say that 90-ball bingo is the future of online bingo because the way the game is played lends itself to bigger prizes.  With the 'full house' being the final prize of every game the games will last longer and allow money to accumulate in the jackpot.  Plus three prizes are given away every game.  In many ways the game seems more like a lottery, where the winner has to get all five numbers first, but unlike a lottery there is always a winner.

90 ball bingo is popular in England and the former colonies such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In Canada 90 and traditional 75 ball bingo games are widely available. At online bingo sites 90 ball bingo is just as popular as 75 ball bingo. Though 90% of the online bingo players are said to be from the United States, there are websites rooted outside the US, and Bingo Canada is just one of them.

Once bingo got off the ground it took off as a fundraiser and just a fun thing to do. In the United States and abroad people started playing bingo once a week at churches, or firehouses, nonprofit organizations that could use all the extra funding they could get. And soon the profitable aspect of bingo became apparent. Bingo halls began forming, even in Canada, high stakes bingo games started, especially in Canada where casinos have always been legal, and online bingo just recently started its growth spurt.

Bingo Canada is one of the over 100 online bingo websites that have popped up in the last five years. You don’t even have to be in Canada to play Bingo Canada. People living in both the United States and Canada can become members and play bingo online. Like many of the other bingo websites, Bingo Canada has different screen formats, ranging from space to a 50s club, and has a live chat room during the game.

Its hard to rank any of the 100 online bingo websites because it really depends on personal taste. Sure, I recommend trying Bingo Canada, but I also recommend trying Bingo House and some of the other bingo websites on the Internet. They all offer unique chat rooms and fun bingo games; they all have a different bingo card formats to choose from; it’s really a matter of trying them and seeing which one suits you best. And remember, with so many choices you don’t have to stick with the first one you find.

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