Bingo Demographics

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Woman playing bingoOnline bingo is a game that has longstanding image problems. Many people still think of the typical bingo player as a little old lady sitting in a smoke filled bingo hall who will yells at other players for sitting in their 'Lucky' seat. While a lot of players at bingo halls are older women, online bingo players are a different breed. Surveys have shown that while older players still prefer games at live bingo halls, younger players get their kicks playing online bingo. The typical online bingo player is female and in the 18 to 35 age bracket. One study in the UK showed that online bingo was the most popular leisure activity among women 18 to 25 years old. Online bingo operators have gone to great lengths to design games that appeal to younger players.

Finding accurate statistics about bingo players is not easy. There is no official source of information, and gaming companies tend to keep their research to themselves. There are several independent studies, and once the information is collated, a clear picture begins to emerge. Just about every available source agrees that a majority of all bingo players are women.

Most reports say that about 50 to 70% of all bingo players are female and some sources put the percentage as high as 85%. Some sources also say that women are more likely to engage in marathon bingo sessions.

Some sources say that many women feel intimidated at poker sites and play bingo because of its relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Bingo operators are aware of this, and have invested significant amounts of time and money to make players feel welcome and comfortable. Marketers have paid close attention to bingo statistics and most of their marketing efforts target women. Very few bingo marketers target male players because the percentage of male players is so low.

The UK has the most lively online bingo market in the world. Although it may not be the largest, it is certainly the most active. Some sources estimate that there are three million active bingo players in the UK. A larger number of players come from the United States and Japan. Although federal laws make it difficult for American players to process bingo transactions, there are still many sites accepting players from the United States. In recent years, the UK bingo industry has rapidly expanded. Industry experts say that smoking bans and increased broadband access are responsible for the rapid growth.

Although many bingo halls are still the domain of pensioners and seniors, many young players are attending games at live bingo halls. Some major UK bingo hall operators have remodeled bingo halls to appeal to the new generation of bingo players. Rank Group, which operates Mecca bingo halls in the UK, has recently spent millions of pounds remodeling their bingo halls to attract young players. Once the United States reenters, the online bingo market experts predict a major bingo boom.

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