Bingo Game Saves Women's Life

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It is well known that bingo provides players with several mental and physical health benefits. According to some university studies bingo provides valuable mental exercise for pensioners and can even delay the onset of Alzheimer's symptoms in some cases. Bingo also helps older players to maintain hand eye coordination. The chief benefit provides by bingo is probably the most important one to older players; longevity. The social interaction provided by bingo games can actually help some seniors to live longer! In one recent case bingo was a true life saver!

In the UK a bingo player's house was destroyed and her husband nearly killed after a gas explosion ripped through her house. Maureen Robertson told reporters how she believes a bingo game actually saved her life. Talking for the first time since a freak explosion gutted her Newcastle bungalow Maureen is coming to grips with her husband's miraculous escape. Maureen, who is 63, had been out a few hours playing bingo at a local bingo club when falling bricks nearly buried her husband Don alive.

Bingo Game Saves Women's LifeMaureen told local reporters "I don't know how he is alive. I just keep thinking about all the rubbish on him. I don't know how he is still in one piece. A single brick can kill you, so I don't know how he survived with all that falling on him." The couple had just done extensive renovations to their house. Maureen described the damage and stated "The first day I just cried all day. As time goes on I might feel better. I don't know if Don's come to terms with it all yet. I just keep telling myself, 'We can start again'. It's a home. "I'm not bothered about memorabilia, as long as he's OK. Don will be in hospital until he gets his strength back. He can only walk three or four steps and he's so tired. "He said he was in the kitchen when everything just went up in the air. He's got singed hair and a singed moustache, but I keep saying 'You're still handsome'."

The city council was less than sympathetic and has given the couple 28 days to make the house safe. Eventually it will be razed and rebuilt. Maureen, who worked for British Gas for 20 years, said "When the house is flattened, I don't know how I will feel. "I just can't believe the rubbish. I've seen my microwave and a kitchen cupboard in the garden. And my budgie died, which is very sad." Currently her husband is in hospital. If it was not for Maureen's penchant for bingo the results of the explosion could have been a lot worse.

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