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Bingo NetworkMany online bingo players have experienced a sense of deja vu when browsing through multiple bingo sites. Although the sites may have different graphics on the home page, once the player opens a bingo game, things may start to look strangely familiar. What the player has actually encountered is two bingo sites that are part of the same network. Today, the majority of online bingo sites are networked. The latest industry estimates indicate there are about 500 bingo sites, so it should come as no surprise that most of them are part of a network. What is an online bingo network? Put simply, an online bingo network is a group of sites that have agreed to partner and share the same pool of players and software.

In the UK, a majority of online bingo sites are networked. There are also standalone bingo sites such as Virgin, Foxy and many other proprietary sites.

Bingo networks share games and other features across a network of websites. They may share the same video poker and table games, bingo deposit bonuses, and promotions. Bingo sites have two parts: a front end and a back end. What is the difference between the two? The front end of a bingo sites is what the player sees when landing on a bingo site. The front end includes the home page design and the promotions page. Although the site may be part of a network, the home page graphics may be unique. The back end of the site contains the software that runs the site and its games. If a person uses Blogger for their site, the back end is supplied by Blogger. In networked bingo sites, the software is shared throughout the network.

Since there are so many networked bingo sites, there must be benefits, right? Here are some of the benefits of operating (or joining) a network of bingo sites:

  • The network offers operators liquidity. From an operator's point of view, it is better to link to 10 sites that can funnel 10 players to their site. It would be much harder for the operator to attract 100 players as a standalone operation.
  • Joining a network reduces startup costs. Some networks offer investors turnkey (also known as whitelabel) operations, and allow the operator to enter the market without having to invest huge amounts of money. In networked bingo sites, the back end of the site is taken care of by the network operator. All of the game software is provided, and generally the same bonuses and promotions are shared by the whole network.
  • Networked sites have a greater market share. Market share is usually calculated as the number of players that play at sites in the network. Market share is linked to liquidity which is the market share that can be generated by a bingo network.
  • Networked sites are able to offer bigger games. Since the jackpot is usually determined by the number of players, networked sites can usually offer larger progressive jackpots. There is more liquidity in a networked bingo room because players are coming from a number of sites in the network.
  • Networks can offer software consistency. Network providers are able to use their resources to pay for software innovations, game additions and improvements.

For potential investors, bingo networks are a cost effective way to enter the lucrative online bingo industry. For players, they offer all the benefits of a larger bingo site, with the individual attention of a smaller one.

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