Bingo Slang Terms

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Bingo Lingo Online bingo is a fun game, and it's easy to learn the basics, but just as with any sort of new activity, it can take some time to get up to speed with the bingo lingo that is used. Casino games in particular have a long history of using language in a clever way to boost their appeal and add to the festive sense of fun that gaming embodies. Those who understand that language like the feeling they get of being an insider. You can also see our other guide to get acquainted with the wider world of chat lingo, which goes way beyond "LOL" and "BRB!"

Bingo slang started with the tradition of callers in the bingo halls who would often use clever names for each of the numbers as it was drawn from the barrel. It was a way of adding some color and flavor to the game and a way for the caller to express his personality and sense of humor.

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For example, chicken legs for eleven, top of the house for twenty four (which is the highest number on the card), two little ducks for twenty two (the numeral 22 resembles the profile of two ducks), and never been kissed for sixteen. Regular players would come to learn the different nicknames and were therefore able to mark their cards faster than the newer players who had to look up to see what number was being referred to.

The practice has made its way in to the online bingo chat rooms, where players have found a way to preserve the community gathering feel of the bingo hall by talking to each other during the games. Each site you visit might have its own bingo terms to learn. If you are an American playing on a UK site, for example, you may not be as familiar with some of the cultural references that their jargon may use.

Besides the names for numbers, there are plenty of other bingo terms that you will want to become familiar with. Most of them come from, or are based on, the equivalent slang term from the traditional bingo hall game. Autodaub is one example of a word that is unique to the online game. This is when the player has the computer automatically mark off all positions already called. A dauber is what the ink stamp marker is called in a paper bingo game.

Here are just a few of the most common terms you will encounter as you venture into bingo gaming online. Face is another name for the bingo card. Admission Packet is the minimum number of games one must buy in order to play. A progressive jackpot is one for which the pot continues to grow until someone finally wins it. The first game of the night is called the Warm Up, and Wrap Up is the last game at the end of a session. There is also the term After Game for a game that is played following the Main Stage game, which is the game offering the highest prize in a session. The Money Ball is the term for a number that is drawn prior to a game and leads to a special bonus if it is the winning number on a player's card.

Just like with poker, each type of game in bingo has a name, usually referring to the winning pattern. Some of them, like Four Corners or Coverall, are easy to understand. Others, like Picnic Table or Postage Stamp, you will need to see defined. Different sites may use many clever names for their own special pattern games. Of course they will describe for you what the pattern looks like as part of the game description, or on the help page. There are also names for special game play like Parti, for when the prize amount is based on the number of players.

You can also find many guides online that describe the terminology in more detail, and provide some of the history. Whenever you visit a new site, read the information page thoroughly to familiarize yourself with their specific terms. Join the chat rooms and ask for enlightenment; bingo players are a friendly lot and will be glad to welcome you. The more you play, the more comfortable you will become with bingo lingo. Soon you will be fluent in the language of the game.

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