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When it comes to online Bingo statistics, it's important to separate them from stereotypes. Statistics and stereotypes are not synonyms and though there is plenty to be learned by paying attention to statistics, stereotypes often need to be rejected. Probably the most perpetuated stereotype about Bingo players is that they are senior citizens (most often more females than males); that play for worthless prizes on about ten Bingo cards. Though there are some elderly women who enjoy playing Bingo, even on a daily basis, that is hardly the extent of all Bingo players.

Online Bingo statistics show that the game, especially the Internet version, is most popular with those between the ages of 25 and 50. Those in the UK will find that the average age for online Bingo players is between 18 and 30-years-old. While seniors should be respected for their contributions to the game, younger players shouldn't be overlooked as they are quickly making the new face of Bingo players. Though it remains true that Bingo is popular with women, more men are quickly becoming avid Bingo players and fans of the classic game.

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Bingo players are not only changing but appear to be continually evolving. With more celebrity bingo players, politicians and "A" listers playing online, it's no wonder that the game is enjoying a near revolution. Nearly 100 million players are believed to be participating in online forms of this game. One area where statistics are clear is that seniors and elderly players prefer Bingo halls to online gaming sites and younger crowds prefer playing online. For many older players, Bingo is a social avenue for which they enjoy one on one time with others. As many older people feel uncomfortable using computers and are apprehensive when it comes to trusting technology with sensitive data, it is understandable that this crowd is less likely to play Bingo in its online form. Though there are numerous safety precautions in place to make certain that those playing for money are playing in the strictest and safest online environments, many senior citizens simply will not put their money into an online environment. This is vastly different with younger generations that understand how to determine whether a website is using the highest safety measures or not.

When comparing bingo statistics, it's important to remember that there are several stereotypes used to describe various player's characteristics and traits. Some of the descriptions used to describe those that play online Bingo include the careful player who is extremely cautions and won't place a large amount of money into their account, the carefree player that seems to believe no matter what is going on, he or she is going to hit the jackpot, the social butterfly; who would rather chat with friends in the rooms than play Bingo, and those who believe they have the ability to mastermind the game through logic and strategy. Even though there is basically no strategic component to bingo, studies do show that it is often educational. Just as the stereotypes regarding elderly women are offensive and often hurtful; so too are additional stereotypes regarding Bingo players. As the people who enjoy Bingo continue to grow and change, it is only hopeful that those who have contributed to promoting these stereotypes will stop and simply enjoy the game.

Bingo Statistics One of the most startling statistics revealed about online Bingo is that approximately 50 million people play the online variation of the game on a daily basis. As social media networking sites are highly favored by young adults, it has been suggested that the chat feature of online Bingo games has created a social networking atmosphere, enabling players to make connections with each other. As players join rooms and make connections with others, they are more likely to return to those rooms and participate in social chat sessions while enjoying the fun and excitement of Bingo.

Statistics also show that at least 83% of those who play online Bingo are multitasking; or involved in other activities while playing. It's easy to see how this wouldn't be possible in a brick and mortar setting; therefore those who are performing several tasks while playing online Bingo are truly taking advantage of the convenience and comfort of the home setting. Statistics reveal greater insights into the intricacies of online Bingo.

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