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Bingo Superstitions For many, playing Bingo is a game of fun and chance; to others it's a game of skill. There are some, however, that feel the game is based on luck and look for ways to help turn the odds in their favor. There are a number of different Bingo superstitions, that many believe will help them win the game. As some believe that they can help lady luck bring fortunes their way. There are many superstitions that accompany different rituals; whether online or off. It isn't uncommon to enter a Bingo hall and witness a number of behaviors or rituals that may appear bizarre, strange or foreign. Additionally, you may see players adorned in outfits that look shocking or even weird. These are all part of the superstitions that are common with many who play Bingo.

One of the most prevalent and widely spread superstitions is the belief that if you sit in the same seat week after week or day after day, your luck will improve and you'll be one step closer to winning the jackpot. Once someone chooses their lucky seat and hits the jackpot or several winning numbers, it's unlikely they'll willingly give the seat up again.

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In addition to a lucky seat, some players hold other Bingo superstitions, such as the clothes you wear can bring you luck. Some players may limit this superstition to a lucky hat, scarf, sweater or socks while others may extend the superstition to his or her full wardrobe. If a player believes in their lucky wardrobe, you can rest assured that player will wear that outfit religiously as they try their hand at the game and hope to win the jackpot.

Lucky seats and lucky wardrobes aren't the extent of the superstitions. Some Bingo players believe in lucky rituals. A ritual may be anything such as rubbing a person's head, walking around their seat or having the caller perform some sort of action as if they are blessing the player's game. Though these rituals may appear odd to onlookers, players are more than serious about performing these superstitious feats.

Another often seen superstition is that of the lucky pen with blue ink. With this ritual, the player is convinced that his or her pen holds significance, therefore they use it to mark off numbers on their card as they are called. Should the player be so misfortunate as to drop the pen on the floor, another pen is quickly introduced to take its place. In addition to lucky pens, there is also the superstitious ritual of lucky money.

Those who practice the belief that their money is lucky may take certain coins and place them in a particular fashion around their Bingo cards. This superstition is interesting as some players may view coins around cards or on tables as bad luck. As you can surmise, this can pose serious problems for those who disagree regarding what constitutes good luck and bad luck.
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As many of these superstitions involve things that are worn, placed on the table or actions that are performed; there is another category of superstitious activities frequently displayed by those who play bingo and this is lucky charms. Not everyone makes a grand show of their superstitious beliefs, and some will wear trinkets or other lucky charms such as dice, lucky rabbit's feet, crystals, or more. These may be displayed on tables, worn off of chains around the neck, attached to key chains and more. Other practices include picking a lucky number and lucky screen name, asking that a certain number be called, and avoiding things that have the number 13. For example, many Bingo players will refuse to play in a room that's numbered 13. As the number 13 is viewed as unlucky, many people refer to the numbers 3 and 7 as lucky. There are also certain numbers that a player may have just claimed as a lucky number as well.

It's interesting to note that many of these good luck and superstitious practices aren't limited to Bingo halls, but rather many who play online Bingo will institute the same techniques while at home. In some instances, the techniques and superstitious practices used in Bingo are similar to the same techniques used in poker games.

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