Bingo Technology

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It's no secret that online bingo operators are keeping legions of game developers, programmers and marketers busy creating new games and finding new ways to market their services. Bingo has always been quick to adopt new technologies. At many land based bingo halls, random number generators have replaced old-fashioned bingo cages with numbered balls. Many bingo halls offer players electronic bingo cards that automatically keep track of all of the numbers that have been called. E-Cards have been a blessing for disabled and sight-impaired bingo players. Online bingo sites have also kept pace with new technologies. Just a few years ago, online bingo players had to download game software, and in some cases, the downloads were not very quick. Flash technology changed all that and now players have instant access to high quality online bingo games. Flash and Java platforms have enabled bingo operators to create games for mobile devices.Bingo Technology

Last year, one enterprising bingo operator added webcams to online bingo, and the combination was an instant hit. In fact, the site has won several industry awards for innovation. New technologies have also changed the way online bingo sites are marketed. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have all been used by bingo operators to promote their games. Until late last year, Facebook would not accept advertising from online gaming companies, but several bingo operators set up their own fanpages where they could announce special promotions and games to players. Some bingo sites have offered various incentives to players that 'like' them on Facebook or 'follow' them on Twitter.

Facebook and social gaming have presented marketers with a whole new set of opportunities. They have reversed their advertising policy on online gaming, and are exploring the possibility of real money gaming on Facebook. Since Facebook has 800 million active users, the potential can easily be seen. In February game developer Zynga launched a new bingo game on Facebook which now has over a million regular players. Zynga is the world's top social gaming company and the company's games have 230 million users.

The UK and Europe are the most logical places for Facebook to launch real money gaming. Online gaming is already well established. Marketers are using the technology provided by Facebook for player acquisition, and most industry experts are predicting a huge social gaming boom in the very near future. Technology is moving and evolving swiftly, and who knows what the future will bring to the world of online bingo and gaming?

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