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Exotic Online Bingo GamesBingo and exotic, two words you never thought you’d see together, have become partners, and it’s all thanks to online bingo.

If you have a dirty mind you’re probably imagining something right now, something having to do with topless bingo callers and a dirty set of bingo cards. Sure, the Internet has become synonymous with porno, so bingo exotic has to be about naked girls dancing around a bingo room, right? As entertaining as that may seem to some of you, your dirty mind couldn’t be more wrong. This is bingo exotic, not bingo erotic. If you’re looking for bingo erotic try Bango.

Bingo exotic has nothing to do with Internet porno. The exotic usually stands for the possible jackpots you can win in that bingo room. Exotic, as in a vacation to the Bahamas for getting a blackout in fewer than 40 numbers. Not exotic as in a porn star bouncing across your bingo card naked every time the game starts. Exotic, as in online bingo with giant extravagant giveaways, like sports cars and speedboats. Not exotic as in a girl with giant breasts moaning whenever O-69 is called. Exotic, as in plain old bingo made interesting and new by have amazing giveaways as often as possible. Not exotic as in the game you love turned into strip bingo, where a computer generated image removes a piece of clothing while you fill up your bingo card.

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The bingo you’ll find online is the same bingo that you’d find in a bingo hall. Whether it’s called exotic, or astro, or three eyed, it’s still pretty much bingo. The bingo cards may be a little different, a little flashier, but the game is played the same. Numbers are called and daubed off your bingo card. The first person to match the given pattern gets a bingo and wins the prize.

Now heres where the difference comes in. If you’re involved in an online bingo with a progressive jackpot, or an exotic bingo game with a vacation giveaway, and you get lucky we’re not talking about a 20 dollar jackpot. We’re talking about a week in Tahiti for playing bingo, or jackpots approaching a thousand dollars. That’s what the exotic in exotic bingo stands for.

While some bingo games can be exotic bingo fashions can be even more exotic. Here is some information on bingo fashions and the options available to players. If you want to play your next Bingo Game in style, you have a lot of options available! Most Bingo fashions combine fashion, fun and function.

Since you will be spending a lot of time seated, probably in a folding chair, how about taking along a special seat cushion designed for Bingo Game players? There are several sites available online that offer seat cushions for Bingo players. Most of them are made from fabric following a winning, Bingo, game or jackpot theme.

The female Bingo Game player will certainly need a special purse designed for Bingo players. The purse allows for regular storage in an inner compartment with several dauber compartments located around the purse. You don’t want to be caught in a Bingo Game with only one dauber, especially to discover it’s out of ink!

Cardholders are another fun fashion statement for the serious Bingo Game player. Like desk note holders, the cardholders make it easy to manage playing Bingo on more than one card at a time. Various stores offer themed holders or you could choose a photo holder or note holder from your favorite office supply store.

Themed daubers, or markers, are another fun Bingo Game accessory. These may be bought individually or in bulk. In addition to the functional simple Bingo dauber, many stores sell novelty daubers for special holidays or related to special themes.

Don’t overlook your accessories when you play your next Bingo Game. If you shop around, you can find necklaces, bracelets and other fun accessories to dress up your Bingo Game wardrobe!

Any of these items would make a great gift for your favorite Bingo Game fanatic. Many on line stores also offer gift baskets. Consider putting one together for a friend who loves playing the game. Most of the same stores offer gift certificates, which would be another great gift idea for the avid Bingo Game player. The variety of items that are available is amazing. Since the game of bingo is closely related to keno many equipment sites sell items that can be used for both games. Daubers come in a variety of shapes, patriotic, Three Stooges, Elvis, Ziggy, and just about any cartoon or movie character you can think of. There are tote bags, jewelry, clothing, magnetic boards, and even bingo bathrobes. If you find the seats at your local bingo parlor uncomfortable there are bingo seat covers. Most sites are reputable and accept credit cards or online pay services.

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