Bingo Facts and Figures

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Bingo Facts and FiguresIn Britain bingo is considered a part of British working class culture. Bingo has been a fact of life in the UK since the postwar years when it gained popularity in the holiday camps if the time. In the mid 60's massive bingo halls appeared. Most were converted cinemas that went out of business with the advent of television. Mecca was probably the first bingo chain in Britain and is still going strong today under the leadership of the Rank Group. For many years the British bingo scene was dominated by Mecca and Gala. There were also many independent operators but many were savaged by the national smoking ban that was imposed in 2007 and were forced to close their doors. Today online bingo is one of the fastest growing sectors of the online gaming industry. Since 2008 online bingo has grown by an astounding 155%!

Some of the following figures can give the reader an idea of just how popular bingo is in Great Britain. There are well over three million regular bingo players in the UK. In 2002 there were 89 million admissions at bingo halls. More people played bingo than attended cinemas and sporting events. When the smoking ban was imposed player numbers dropped and many thought the industry would never recover from the blow. Fortunately they were wrong and today admissions at bingo halls are increasing.

In 2002 the total amount of bingo jackpots paid out was about 100 million pounds. That figure has increased thanks to online bingo. Several players have won bingo jackpots in excess of one million pounds. Bingo is the one gambling activity where women easily outnumber men. At most bingo halls and online bingo sites women account for 70% to 90% of all bingo players. In the general UK population about 10% of all women are bingo players. During a game session the typical bingo player spends between 19 and 24 pounds. This includes the purchase of bingo tickets, VAT taxes and taxes on drinks and food.

Today women of all age groups play bingo and most are under 50. Online bingo players tend to be younger and the average age of online bingo players is around 30. Most bingo players play games at more than one club and most online bingo players play at more than one bingo site. Studies have shown that most bingo players value socialization more than financial gain. The online bingo industry is expanding and many hall operators have remodeled their halls to appeal to a younger group of players. Social gaming is a huge and many bingo games may be found on Facebook.

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