Bingo in England-Why is the Game so Popular?

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For those in the industry it is well known that the UK has the world's liveliest online bingo market anywhere on the planet. Although the size of the American and Japanese bingo markets is larger Britain easily has the most enthusiastic online bingo players anywhere. Almost three million people in the UK play online bingo weekly. Many bingo fans play both live and online games. In the 50's, 60's and 70's games were played in massive bingo palaces which were converted cinemas capable of accommodating over a thousand players at a time. Bingo went online around 1996 and created an immediate sensation. In 2007 a national smoking ban was imposed with no exceptions for bingo halls, local pubs and clubs.

Bingo in EnglandAt the time statistics showed that about 63% of all live bingo players were smokers. Thanks to the smoking ban online bingo operators in the UK reported a rapid increase in player numbers. The move decimated already troubled bingo halls throughout the UK. There are several reasons why online bingo is thriving in the UK. Bingo is one of the easiest games to play. Games are random so anyone can win. Players do not have to learn complicated rules and game strategies. In addition most operators offer free games so new players can learn the online version of bingo without risking any of their hard earned money.

Bingo is also one of the most affordable games on the internet. At most sites cards can be purchased for as little as a penny. Generous bonuses and cash back schemes make the games even more affordable. Some sites offer free games with real cash prizes. Online bingo allows players to entertain themselves gambling without having to spend large amounts of money. The monetary rewards can be great. There are a few bingo millionaires living in Great Britain and Scotland.

For most players the social aspect of online bingo is one of the most attractive features. At bingo halls talking and making sort of noise is strongly discouraged. Thanks to the auto daub feature found at online bingo sites players can socialize in the chat rooms. Generally each individual game has its own chat room. The auto daub feature automatically marks the bingo tickets leaving players free to talk and carry on conversations with other players. Most online bingo sites have a strong sense of community among players. A Just a few years ago there were only 20 bingo sites online and today there are about 350! Mobile applications have attracted a younger group of players ensuring the game's survival well into the future.

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