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Bingo tournaments have become one of the most popular forms of playing bingo online, second only to bingo freerolls. But the real history of bingo tournaments goes back before the personal computer was even dreamed of. The bingo hall, everything we know about bingo, goes back to right about the time the first televisions started making their appearance.

It was in the 1930s when a Catholic priest from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, on the advice of one of his parishioners, started using the game of bingo to raise money for the failing church. This essentially started the first weekly bingo tournament. There was one problem: Edwin S. Lowe, the man credited for creating modern American bingo, had only created 24 differently numbered cards. With so few combinations the church would have a half-dozen people calling bingo every game.

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Lowe was contacted and charged with the task to create a substantial number of unique bingo cards. In order for a bingo tournament to be played by any number of people there would have to be enough bingo cards to accommodate them all. Lowe, a traveling toy salesman, recognized the fundraising potential of this little game he happened upon, and dont think the profitability of bingo tournaments didnt slip past him. The help of Carl Leffler, a professor of mathematics at Columbia University, was enlisted.

Now, this was before the time of the computer, so Leffler worked out all these bingo cards by hand. Playing bingo online is substantially easier and more desirable, as this article explains. The task of shuffling by hand got trickier, and finding more unique combinations became more difficult - that by the end Lowe was paying Leffler $100 per bingo card, which was a pile of money back then. All in all Leffler came up with 6,000 different possible bingo cards. The historical rumor is that he went insane after the complete the task and spent the rest of his days screaming bingo in a padded room at the mental hospital.

Now that you know the basic rules of 90-ball bingo, you are ready to play. There are several bingo websites online that currently offer 90-ball bingo. Logging on to one of these websites is just like joining any online bingo room. Even if you have never played online bingo its very easy to do. You fill in some information, make a small deposit and start playing bingo.

It may not seem like much, but 6,000 bingo cards were enough to get bingo going as a popular fundraiser throughout America, growing the game closer and to the size needed for a good bingo tournament. By 1934 there was a reported 10,000 bingo nights in various places across America. The largest gathering, according to Lowe, was 60,000 people at the Teaneck Armory in New York. Lowe claimed that another 10,000 people were turned away.

Nowadays we do have computers and the number of possible bingo cards is up to 1,474,200. 60,000 people may seem like a lot of bingo players, but imagine how many people could be gathered together for a bingo tournament on the Internet? Probably enough for people to have duplicate bingo cards. What started as a fundraiser with 24 cards is turning into a worldwide tradition. Bingo, online bingo and the bingo tournament are still growing.

Bingo tournaments are just a small part of the bingo mania that has taken over the online bingo world. Do you want to know what bingo mania is? Bingo mania is starting with five websites devoted to bingo in 1999 and then exploding to 105 websites in just four years. The online bingo industry is capturing a bingo mania that has existed since 1929 when the first bingo game was played in the United States at Edwin S. Lowes apartment in New York. The easiest way to get a feel for the game is to play a bingo freeroll, like the ones offered at BingoHouse.

Bingo, a game that has been around in many different forms leading back to the invention of the Italian lottery in 1530, has always been a popular form of entertainment. Today, over 1.6 billion people claim bingo to be their favorite form of entertainment, beating out the runner-up by over a half billion. But over the last 60 years, the old fashioned game of bingo has been too often associated with being old fashioned. Especially in todays market, where a young person would rather spend hours in front of a computer than hours in a bingo hall sitting next to his grandmother. Even with 1.6 billion players, bingo still takes on the moniker of being an old ladys game.

With the continuing growth of online bingo the game has never before had such a chance to reach so many new markets starting a new bingo mania to carry the game into the next millennium. There are bingo websites out there for every kind of person, from grandmothers to grandchildren. For grandmothers there are classic bingo rooms with traditional bingo games and low key chat rooms. For grandchildren there are non-gambling websites devoted to introducing the game to young people. There are even educational websites using the game of bingo as a teaching tool.

Still, the real bingo mania has come from the possibilities available for rising (also known as progressive) jackpots. The stereotyped $20 jackpot bingo has been growing for the last couple of decades. High stakes bingo developed on Indian Reservations and in conjunction with casinos. Online bingo takes the rewards of high stakes bingo and brings them to a low stakes forum. Bingo players can win thousands of dollars or exotic vacations by spending less than a dollar on bingo cards.

Online bingo mania is still young, and has not completely removed the old ladys game stamp, but the bingo market is growing younger. The average age of an online bingo player is said to be around 41 years of age. Bingo mania still seems to hold a predominantly female audience, with over 80% of the bingo players being women. Still, online bingo mania is revitalizing the game. With chat rooms, growing jackpots and the versatility bingo has shown through the years, dont be surprised if online bingo keeps growing. Bingo mania is back, and its not just for old ladies anymore.

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