Casino Safety Tips

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Staying Safe in the CasinoCasinos go to great lengths to make gambling as attractive as possible. Lavish decor, free drinks and food, comped rooms and meals for high rollers are just a few of the ways casinos market their goods and services. If you are planning to visit a casino in the near future here are some things you should definitely avoid. It should be noted that playing at internet casinos is generally safer than at land based operations.

Casinos make sure that there are a large number of ATMs available. Gambling on credit is always a bad idea and some credit card companies will not process any gambling related transactions. Even worse, gambling transactions are treated like cash advances and have much higher interest rates than regular retail transactions. Players at internet casinos can avoid the higher interest rates by using an Ewallet service.

Casino players should always have a bankroll management plan in place and stick to it no matter what. Borrowing money to try to make up for losses is a recipe for financial disaster.

Casinos have large amounts of money on hand and that can attract some pretty shady characters. Many would-be thieves lurk in dark casino parking garages looking for vulnerable victims. Sometimes thieves look for big winners and will wait until they leave the casino will follow them and rob their victims. At many casinos thieves will try to steal chips when players are not looking. Fortunately most casino floors are monitored by cameras and most of the time thieves are quickly apprehended. Players should avoid dark parking garages and other secluded places. Many casinos provide security escorts for big winners.

blackjack cardsMany inexperienced players will succumb to the temptation of playing games with a high house edge. Games with a high house edge include; American roulette has a 5.26% house edge, Keno has a 25% house edge and Wheel of Fortune has a 24% house edge. Experienced players should stick to skill based games like poker, blackjack and Baccarat.

For most people going to a casino is for fun and excitement. If you just use common sense - the same way you would with online bingo safety - you will be fine. For some players, the entertainment includes a stop at the casino bar. Excessive drinking while gambling is a very bad idea. Your judgment will be clouded and you are more likely to lost money. Some casinos actually provide free drinks to those playing at the tables and moderation is the key to success. Remember no one likes an obnoxious drunk.

You should avoid playing games you know nothing about. If you want to learn a new game go to an internet casino and play the new game for low states before wagering big bucks at a casino. There are many websites that offer free games and tutorials for new players.

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