Celebrity Bingo

Bingo is growing in popularity and it's no surprise that more celebrity Bingo players are joining the ranks and participating in this fun pastime. Whether using their fame and status for charitable purposes or just enjoying the social atmosphere and excitement of the game, it isn't surprising to see the rich and famous joining in Bingo halls and online games. It's a celebtrated part of bingo history - Celebrities such as Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta Jones and Robbie Williams have become known for their appreciation of the game and even U.S. presidents such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have become acquainted with the game. From young to old, rich and poor, Bingo is a game that reaches across generations and provides entertainment as well as monetary rewards.

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Famous Bingo players aren't limited to just the Hollywood crowds. Many local celebrities will gladly participate in games in order to promote a charitable cause or event. Those organizing special events will do well to invite local celebrities, such as those who have made great impacts upon local culture, the arts and society, to participate in their games. A charitable celebrity Bingo game can have fantastic results and help bring much needed attention to a worthy cause, all while having fun.

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In other ways, celebrity Bingo games have become as popular as celebrity poker games. Several underground clubs cater to the likes of the rich and famous, much in the same vein as they do poker games. Long gone are the days of Bingo being your grandmother's and grandfather's game; Bingo is now associated with the trendy and "A" list of who's who.

While some celebrities are known for playing Bingo, others have become associated with throwing their own Bingo parties. Catherine Zeta-Jones is said to hold a Bingo party every Christmas where she invites friends and family members to revel in the game. There is no doubt that the reputation of Bingo has changed and as more celebrities lend their glamour, style and pizzazz to the game, it is only to increase in popularity.

Those who enjoy playing online may be sharing games with famous celebrities without ever knowing it. With the phenomenal success of online Bingo halls increasing the amount of players coming to the game, it would come as no surprise that the person playing from the luxury of their home might be an "A" lister or a celebrity from half way around the world. There is no question about it; Bingo has become one of the most popular online games. In fact, recent reports state that even the Royal Family enjoys the game as Prince William was seen leaving a Bingo hall.

Of all the celebrity Bingo players widely talked about, none may have as interesting a story to share as Academy Award winning, New Zealand born actor, Russell Crowe. The star of hit movies such as "Gladiator," "A Beautiful Mind," "Robin Hood," and "L.A. Confidential," is said to have once worked as a Bingo caller, however, he reportedly lost the job on account of being rude- shocking, isn't it!

When it comes to celebrities, Bingo and violence, none could be so quick as to forget the lawsuit filed by Richelle Olson against Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen, best known for his work as "Ali G," "Bruno" and "Borat" was sued by Olson, who worked at a senior's Bingo game organization. She claimed that Cohen was to make an appearance at the center based upon his celebrity status, but when he arrived in "Bruno" character, things went drastically wrong. She described Cohen as rude, vulgar and using offensive language and when she tried to take a microphone away from him; a physical struggle ensued.

According to Olsen, she collapsed and was injured. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed, however, not only did Olsen sue Cohen, but she had added NBC Universal to her suit as well. NBC Universal responded that they had taped the charity event and there was no alleged incident; or at least, not the way Richelle Olson had described. Not only did Richelle Olsen lose her suit, but she will pay for NBC Universal's legal costs as well. The case is called "Olson v. Cohen" and was heard in the Court of Appeals of California where it was determined that Olson would be responsible for the defendant's attorney's fees.

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