Duplicate Bingo Ticket Issues

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Duplicate Bingo Ticket Issues

For many land based bingo halls, linked games for high stakes can create problems in the form of 'double tickets' (In the UK, bingo cards are known as 'tickets'). Linked games are those that are played simultaneously at several bingo halls. Bingo halls must make sure that no two players have the same bingo card. For online bingo sites, double tickets are not a problem, and virtual bingo cards are generated by highly sophisticated randomizing algorithms, making duplicate tickets almost impossible. In the past, there have been a few instances of double tickets at bingo halls, much to the annoyance of players who must split the jackpot.

Bingo clubs must exercise extra caution when selecting ticket types. The UK Gambling Commission has ruled that they are to be informed of any bingo ticket issues at bingo halls throughout the country. The commission also ruled that if there are duplicate tickets, both players must be paid the full jackpot amount. Since jackpots are usually based on the number of players in a game, two winners that must be paid the full prize amount would cost the bingo halls involved, and would strip them of their profits. The commission has allowed for one exception: if the bingo hall can prove that the cause of the glitch was technical, the prize can be divided.

While the exception may be good for clubs players, being told that they must share their jackpot could lead to bad feelings all around, and winners may feel cheated. Electronic bingo devices used in some halls enables players to play hundreds of tickets in a single game. The number of cards in play means that the rick of double tickets is higher than ever. Bingo ticket providers go to great lengths to make sure there are no duplicate tickets for linked games. For virtual bingo cards it's a different story. Card suppliers will not take responsibility for the card software used by the electronic bingo devices. (In linked bingo games the software supplier has control of the cards played) Bingo clubs must make sure the card sets used on their terminals are compatible with their games.

Online bingo operators use very sophisticated software that makes duplicate cards impossible. Land based bingo halls must purchase printed tickets. During these linked games bingo halls need to make sure that their electronic bingo terminals use card faces that are compatible with the platform used by all of the participating bingo clubs.

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