Free Bingo Site - Beware of the Policies

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Free Bingo Site -  Beware of the Policies

It's a Free Bingo Site so what can be the harm in logging on and playing a few games of Bingo, right? Actually, you should be aware of the policies and requirements of any site before you log on to play their free games.

Some sites require you to sign up before you play. You may be asked to provide your name, e-mail address, phone number and other personally identifying information before you're granted access to the Free Bingo Site. You may fill out the information only to find your "inbox" flooded with spam for the next month because the Free Bingo Site sold your information off to any number of Internet marketing services. The same may happen to your mailbox and you may even start getting phone calls.

So should you simply never sign up for game sites? There's no doubt that you'll likely get hours of enjoyment from the Free Bingo Site, just take a minute to be sure you're protecting yourself before you start.

Read their privacy policy.If they don't have one, beware. The privacy policy should say something to the effect that they pledge not to sell, trade or share your information with anyone. That doesn't mean that you're not going to get spam from the Free Bingo Site, but at least it will be somewhat more limited than if they sold your information (or gave it away) to everyone who wanted it.

Be careful about phone numbers, and be especially careful about handing out a cell phone number. If your Free Bingo Site sells your information, you could suddenly be using up all your daytime minutes dealing with telemarketers.

Finally, be wary of handing out your credit card or other financial information. If it's to be a "Free Bingo Site," there should be no need for you to provide that information.

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