Hipsters Meet Bingo

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Hipsters Meet BingoLast year rumors emerged about a new and radical form of bingo. There are many original and unusual ways of playing bingo but Rebel Bingo takes the cake! Rebel bingo describes itself as "The black sheep of the bingo family" and has been embraced by hipsters on three continents. Games take place in secret underground venues with DJ's spinning hip hop and pierced and tattooed hipsters clutching bingo cards. The caller announces the numbers with maniacal screams using words and phrases that are not exactly 'family friendly.'

Rebel bingo is an underground phenomenon with very specific rules-"no old people, no boring people, no office parties, no hen parties, no stag parties, no work suits, no plain white t shirts, no cameras or photography (this rule is occasionally violated) and no customer service." Rebel bingo goes against the grain of what traditional bingo clubs offer and offers players exclusivity and uniqueness. Photos exist of some rebel bingo games but cannot be published in any mainstream publication.

Rebel bingo maintains its own website and lists games in the US, UK, Norway, China, Canada and Spain. Games take place in several UK cities and in a few US cities including New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and Philadelphia. Even the history of rebel bingo defies description. According to their website rebel bingo was founded by a group of inebriated friends who found a bingo game in a church basement. After playing a few games they realized that they had created a 'mutant' form of bingo which they named rebel bingo.

From its drunken accidental beginnings rebel bingo has spread worldwide and is now an international phenomenon. Rebel bingo games even take place in Communist China! In early September rebel bingo had racked up over 16,240 'likes' on Facebook and 5,500 on their Twitter account. They also send members racy photos (so much for that rule about no cameras!) on instagram and blog posts. To find out where the nearest rebel bingo game will take place players have to sign up at the official website. Players are notifies by email when and where games will take place.

Players can actually win prizes but they are usually vague about what kind of prizes they offer. Potential players must meet their demographic and must be computer literate to receive game notifications. So far rebel bingo has not gone online but some expect online games at some point in the future. Who knows, maybe the game will spread to staid British bingo halls.

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