How To Play Bingo Tournaments

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How To Play Bingo TournementsBingo operators realize that on occasion players will get bored with standard bingo games. To spice things up some operators hold bingo tournaments. Bingo tournaments have been common at online bingo sites and are now gaining popularity at brick and mortar bingo halls. Tournament jackpots are usually much larger than those for regular games. Bingo tournaments are not complicated and are easy to understand. Most tournaments consist of a series of games. Tournament winners are those that have collected the most points playing several tournament games. Every game winner will be awarded points and in the case of a tie the jackpot will be divided.

Online bingo tournaments are extremely popular with players. Some tournaments have progressive jackpots that increase with each round of games played. Today most online bingo sites host daily tournaments in addition to weekly and monthly tournaments. Usually there is no entrance fee for online bingo tournaments. Card prices are generally larger for these exciting games. In many cases special patterns are used and most 90 ball tournaments are coverall, or 'full house,' games. The Christmas tree pattern is a favorite during the holiday season. Since the holidays are rapidly approaching players can expect Christmas and holiday themed tournament games.

In addition to cash prizes online bingo sites and live bingo halls may offer special prizes such as luxury vacations, expensive jewelry and electronics in addition to huge cash prizes. In some tournaments players may choose from a variety of prizes if they win. The size of the jackpot in some tournament games depends on the number of players and the price of the cards. In the UK there have been bingo tournaments where players walked away with life changing sums of money.

At live bingo halls tournament players must pay an entry fee. At many online bingo sites all players have to do is register for the tournament and there is no entry fee. It is easier for online bingo operators to host tournament games since they do not have to maintain a bingo hall and pay employees working the games. Every tournament may have its own set of rules so it is always best to review the terms and conditions of individual tournaments. Players that fail to adhere to the rules may be disqualified and any winnings are forfeited. Online tournament players with questions can ask the chat leader to avoid any misunderstandings.

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