Keno and Bingo

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bingo and kenoKeno and bingo are random games of chance, and bear a close resemblance to each other. Keno is extremely popular in casinos, and most casinos offer live keno and electronic keno games. Both games are available online, and many online bingo sites offer keno games. Check out our bingo games lobby and enter the room of your choice to start a keno side game. Many people unfamiliar with bingo and keno think that they are the same game. This is a very easy mistake to make because of the close resemblance - in the image to the right, the top-left is Keno and the bottom-right is Bingo. Both games are based on a lottery concept, in which numbers are randomly drawn and announced while players try to match the numbers on their bingo card and keno tickets. The method of play is the same for bingo and keno.

  • The way numbers are selected is the same in both games. In live bingo and keno halls numbered balls are selected from a cage or a mechanism that spins the balls and 'spits' them out. Online bingo and keno games use random number generators and some casinos have started to use random number generators instead of the old fashioned numbered balls.
  • The social aspects of both games are very similar. Bingo and keno can be played online and players can socialize in the chat rooms that are a part of each game. Players can socialize in a relatively noncompetitive atmosphere.
  • No special skills are required to play bingo and keno. Most newbies pick up both games in less than five minutes. There are no complex rules to memorize, and no special strategies to learn. You can learn how to play our online bingo games in detail here. Both games are random games of chance.
  • Although the games a surprisingly similar, they are not the same game, and there are differences. For example, bingo players purchase cards with numbers printed on them. The numbers are not chosen by the players. Usually bingo cards are valid for a specific game or game session. Keno players select their own numbers from a field of 1 through 80. Keno players select between 1 and 20 numbers, and mark them on the keno cards. The main difference is that keno players select their own card numbers while bingo players do not.
  • The way bets are placed is different. Bingo players purchase cards that can only be used for one game. The cost of the bingo card is the actual bet. Keno players can vary their bets and can use their selected numbers for several games.
  • In bingo games, the numbers are drawn continuously until someone wins the game. Generally, only one player wins a bingo game. In Keno games, a set of numbers is drawn. Keno players then check for matching numbers on their cards. Keno games can have several winners.

While the games have several similarities, they also have major differences that set them apart. Both games are fun to play and are available online offering great cash prizes and other goodies.

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