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Live Bingo EquipementIf you've never been to one of the Bingo Halls where live Bingo is being played, you've missed out on some real excitement. Some people have the idea that Bingo Halls are filled with elderly people who listen intently to the caller, play a half dozen Bingo cards at a time and sit quietly waiting long moments for the next number to be called. But new bingo demographics show something entirely different. The reality at most Bingo Halls is nothing like that.

First and foremost, Bingo Halls are a place for friends to meet, greet and challenge their luck for the evening. You may go to the Bingo Halls in your area or travel across the state (or country?) to visit other Bingo Halls with friends and family. There's no doubt that some pals just love to hit new Bingo Halls and make those excursions into fun outings that may even last a couple of days or more.

But if you don't have any friends who want to go to the Bingo Halls with you, don't worry. Bingo Halls are notorious for friendship opportunities. The people who sit next to you will likely usher you into their group. All you have to be is a Bingo enthusiast who's willing to share the banter that typically goes with the game.

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Bingo Halls have seen some dramatic changes over the past decade or so. There was a time when Bingo had a very narrow definition. It was played with paper Bingo cards and a real person called the numbers. Today, many Bingo Halls have electronic Bingo games. That means you can play entirely at your own pace, if that's what you want.

While technology has touched many Bingo games, there's still something about the excitement of the traditional Bingo Halls. Find one in your area, grab your luckiest rabbit foot and head on over for an evening of fun. Make sure you know how to play before leaving for the live bingohalls! Traditionally in the United States, bingo is usually played at a church or some kind of benevolent organization. You will find Protestants playing bingo in a Catholic church and vice versa. Churches have used bingo to raise money for church activities, improvements, and outreach programs. Most churches see bingo as good clean fun, not gambling. There are churches that have offered bingo for decades and there are players who have been there since the beginning. Even the smallest hamlet usually has a church that offers bingo. In some rural areas bingo is often the only social event for miles around. Whether you play in a city or a country church, bingo is an American tradition that is likely to continue for a long time.

If you've ever thought about starting your own bingo game you will be surprised at the amount of bingo equipment available online, including complete sets from reputable retailers like, as seen at right. You can purchase bingo games for educational purposes or a traditional game for at home bingo fun. You may be surprised to find just how much, or how little, Bingo Equipment you actually need. One way to get all the Bingo Equipment you need is to buy a ready-made Bingo game. These games cost as little as two or three dollars at some discount stores. How can a game with all the Bingo equipment you need cost so little? In this case, you'll be getting several paper Bingo cards and lightweight cardboard pull cards. You'll more than likely separate the pull cards from each other then drop them into a small box included in the game or into a container of your own. These inexpensive Bingo games may also include lightweight cardboard squares to be used to cover the numbers as they are called. For a family setup that can provide hours of entertainment, your Bingo Equipment need be no more complicated or expensive than this. But it certainly can be.

Cages are a fun addition to the Bingo Equipment, even for home games. These cages come in a variety of forms, but usually look very similar to those used in lottery games. If this is part of your Bingo Equipment, you'll also usually have small balls with each of the 74 numbers that can appear on the Bingo cards. Most balls are a lightweight plastic, though some may be made of Styrofoam or some other material. Bingo cages are usually fairly inexpensive, though Bingo games that include cages as part of the Bingo Equipment are going to be a little more expensive than those with the cardboard numbers.

Your Bingo Equipment must also include something to be used to cover the squares as the Bingo numbers are called. This may be a marker, but it doesn't have to be. If cards are to be reused, your Bingo Equipment may include lightweight cardboard pieces - squares are common, but they could be in any shape to reflect a particular theme. Many years ago, dried beans were usually used for this purpose and actually work quite well.

Computer technology has made it possible to order many kinds of bingo equipment. Computers have also made it possible for players to customize their own bingo cards using either a scanner or printer. There are many websites that offer different kinds of bingo games and the equipment that goes with them. While anyone can go to a store and buy the traditional game, computers offer the player the option of creating their own style of bingo cards. The cost is minimal and the fun is free.

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