Moms are Making Money Playing Online Games

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Online vs Land Based Slots Industry figures show that most (over 80%) of all online bingo players are female. In the UK where online bingo is perfectly legal operators are targeting women in clever marketing campaigns. There is hardly a commercial television break in Britain with at least one advertisement for an online bingo site. A few shows popular with women are sponsored by online bingo operators. A report that emerged in April showed that the number of online gamblers in the UK is steadily increasing. There are 32% more players online than last year and over half are women. Today there are more female than male online gamblers in the UK.

Most of the online players are middle age females and the typical online gambler is a woman between 35-49 playing from home. In the UK online gambling is a £36 billion industry. Experts say online gaming operators are deliberately targeting women with tailored marketing campaigns and new site designs. In 2011 the annual British Gambling Preference Survey showed that women still prefer niche areas like online bingo and slots. In 2011 48.48% of all players were women but today women outnumber male online gamblers in the UK.

As has been mentioned online bingo and slots are dominated by female players and there are hundreds of sites devoted to these games. Just a few years ago there were only 20 bingo sites online and today there are over 300. Online bingo is low risk and affordable to most players and bingo tickets can be purchased for as little as 1p. Most women like the social aspect and sense of community at online bingo sites. Competition is keen and bingo sites are offering generous bonuses with each deposit and offer plenty of promotions. Before the birth of the royal baby most bingo sites ran a series of promotions related to the event.

Today women are able to play online games freely without any of the social stigmas of the past. Online gaming operators know they must do everything possible to attract female players. Operators who ignore over 50% of all players do so at their peril. Many women now play online games like poker and there is even a women's poker league. There are slots designed to appeal to women and most operators now offer promotions that will be favored by women. Mobile gaming has also attracted a lot of new female players.

Recent figures show that mobile gambling is set to grow by 19% annually until 2016. Figures also show that women play more mobile and social games than men and are more likely to own some sort of mobile device. Mobile gaming is attracting a new generation of players. Women account for 54% of social gamers and 53% of social gamers.

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