Non Smokers Pack Bingo Halls Casinos

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Non Smokers Pack Bingo Halls Casinos Smoking bans have generated a lot of controversy. In bingo halls in the UK and the US it was customary for players to smoke while playing. One survey taken in the UK showed that about 63% of all bingo players are smokers. When the national smoking ban was imposed in the UK bingo halls suffered a serious decline in player numbers. A few bingo halls built outdoor spaced for smokers but these could only be used during the summer months. One operator offered bingo cruises outside of British territorial waters where players could smoke legally. The move was not successful. The online bingo industry in the UK got a huge boost from the bingo ban. At some bingo sites player numbers increased by as much as 80%! Until a few years ago bingo halls were in serious trouble.

Many bingo halls in the UK have undergone extensive remodeling and operators are targeting a younger nonsmoking crowd. Most under 30's are nonsmokers and operators want to attract these affluent young players. Many young players first learned the game playing online or mobile bingo and have gravitated to live games. Instead of going to a pub for a night many young ladies now go to bingo halls instead. Most of these players prefer and appreciate a smoke free environment. In the United States smoking bans have been imposed on a state by state basis. There are still several states without smoking bans. Some states have carved out exceptions for bingo halls, casinos, bars and taverns.

Nonsmoking bingo players are starting to demand smoke free venues. In a letter to a Missouri newspaper one nonsmoker wrote "I know many people who are no longer able to play bingo due to the secondhand smoke they are exposed to. People say it is harder and harder to get workers at the bingos because of the smoke. I hope I never have to give up bingo completely; it is one of the few activities I can still participate in." Today the younger generation of gamblers and bingo players are demanding smoke free venues and many casinos and bingo halls have responded.

In Las Vegas most of the high end hotels and casinos offer smoke free rooms and smoke free casino areas and poker rooms. Support for smoke free gaming is at an all-time high. Smoke free casinos are becoming the norm. In Ohio casinos opened smoke free and one operator will not hire any tobacco users. Many tribal casinos are offering smoke free areas. A majority of casino employee's support smoke free gaming and do not want to be exposed to high levels of secondhand smoke. In the near smoke filled bingo halls, casinos and poker rooms will be a thing of the past.

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