Online Bingo Addict Steals £1 Million

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Scandals in the bingo community are rare. When a scandal pops up it is usually front page news. Most of the time bingo scandals are a result of a gambling addiction. Last year a woman in the UK was jailed for stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from her mother to fund an out of control online bingo habit. Recently a financial director for the engineering firm Nema Ltd Has been jailed for five years after stealing £1,553,636 to finance his online bingo habit. Finance director Graham Taylor, 66, stole so much money that the company he worked for almost went broke. The company was on the brink of receivership when Taylor was caught.

Online Bingo Addict Steals 1 MillionWhile his colleagues took pay cuts and worked shorter hours Taylor gave himself a £72,000 a year pay raise. The firm's directors used their own money to keep the firm going and worked for no pay. Taylor lost about £900,000 at online bingo and gambling sites. Taylor also stole £17,000 from his deceased mother's bank account. In court Taylor admitted four theft charges and two fraud charges. Taylor's workmates jeered him in court when he was sentenced. Taylor's former colleagues were given the day off with pay to attend Taylor's sentencing.

Taylor had been working for Nema for 12 years. The company which had previously been turning over £3 million annually began to show losses. Taylor's bosses believed the losses were due to the stagnant economy. Even worse they let three workers go at Taylor's suggestion. When the financial problems continued a team of accountants was brought in and Taylor was found out. Taylor admitted to embezzling the money and was arrested. Detective constable Deborah Jameson told reporters "Such was the scale of the financial disaster unleashed on this unsuspecting company by Taylor that they had to lay staff off. Losing your job under any circumstance can be traumatic, but to know it was the deliberate actions of a desperate gambler must make it so much worse."

Fortunately most people play online bingoand other gambling games online and have no problems. In fact online bingo is the most popular online game in Great Britain.

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