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Real Money Slots Slots have come a long way since the days of Charles Fey, the San Francisco mechanic who invented the first mechanical slot machine. Fey created the 'Liberty Bell' slot that became so popular that Fey was able to open a factory to manufacture his new slot machines. Three reel slots have been affectionately called 'one armed bandits' foe decades. Three reel slots dominated the industry until the 70's when the invention of the random number generator enabled the creation of the first video poker machines and video slots. Today five reel multi payline slots are the norm and the games keep getting more sophisticated as time goes on. Some of the new slot games have skill based features that give players the ability to influence the outcome of any game.

At most casinos, slots account for as much as 70% of total casino revenues, along with other bingo side games. Most casinos have dozens, if not hundreds, of slot machines strategically place throughout the casino. Slot jackpots can be huge and many offer jackpots well in excess of $100,000. Those who want to play slots for real money should check out progressive jackpot slot games. Progressive slot games are linked in a network of slot machines located in several casinos. A percentage of each wager is placed in the prize pool which continues to grow until there is a winner. There are several slot millionaires thanks to progressive jackpot games. There are several well known progressive slots that have produced some very impressive wins.

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Mega Moolah is probably the most famous of all the progressive slots. Mega Moolah has a starting jackpot of $1,000,000. The game is manufactured by Microgaming a leader in game development and technology. The max bet is $6.75 per spin. The max bet is necessary to win the top jackpot. The progressive jackpot is won via. A Wheel of Fortune style bonus round. In addition to the top jackpot of $1,000,000 there are four progressive prizes. MegaMoolah is now available online and as an Android app. MegaMoolah has been optimized to run on all Android devices including smart phones and tablets. If slots players were polled and asked to name their favorite slot most would probably answer Mega Moolah.

Major Millions was the first online cash slot game to produce a slot millionaire. Major Millions has produced six big winners during the last few years and holds the record for the most big winners for a single slot game. Major Millions comes in two versions; a three reel three line version and a five reel 15 line version. The three and five reel games share the same jackpot and a max bet of $3 dollars is required to win the top jackpot. Major Millions is available at several online casinos. Major Millions was launched by Microgaming. Major Millions comes complete with scatter symbols and a wild multiplier symbol. The game has a military theme and features game symbols such as the Major, the Battleship, the Tank, the Plane, the Top Secret Envelope, the Medals symbol, a Major's hat symbol, a Box of Ammo symbol and the Binoculars.

Gold Rally is another progressive slot that has paid out millions since its launch. One big win almost hit $2 million coming in at $1,875,000. Gold Rally in a unique nine reel eight line slot game. Gold Rally is not for players with a limited bankroll. The max bet required to win the jackpot is $12 dollars per spin. The game has a gold rush theme and the graphics have been described as 'eye catching.' Gold Rally was launched by Playtech, a leader in the gaming industry. Unfortunately this game is not available to American players thanks to anti online gambling laws in the country.

Millionaires Club is another slot that is off limits to players located in the United States. The game was developed by Cryptologic, a leading online gaming software developer. Millionaires Club is available in two versions; a three reel single payline version and a five reel nine payline version. The three reel version of Millionaires Club requires a $3 max bet and the five reel version can be played for as little as 90 cents.

As can be seen there are many choices for those who want to play slots for real money. In addition to progressive slots with jackpots in the millions there are hundreds of games available and while the jackpots may not be as big they offer significantly better odds.

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