Slot Machine Myths

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four leaf cloverLife is full of facts and myths. While myths can be very amusing, they can actually pose a danger to those who believe in them. In the world of gambling, this is especially true, and believing in myths can lead to financial ruin for the overly superstitious bingo player. There are many myths related to slot machines, and believing these myths can easily separate the player from his or her bankroll. (For information on bingo myths, check out our bingo mythbusting article.

Some players believe that a slot machine that is ready to payout can be spotted. If that were true, everyone in Las Vegas would go home a big winner. The fact is, even a slot machine with a high payout percentage cannot guarantee a jackpot win. The machine's random number generator determines the winnings, not the machine itself.

Many people say that casinos place loose slot machines at specific locations. (Loose slots are those that payout often) This myth is actually partially true. At some casinos, loose slot machines are deliberately placed in strategic locations. Since policies vary from casino to casino, there is no sure fire way to tell where the loose slots are located. If you're playing online slots, this phenomenon is a little bit different. It is true that some casinos place loose slots in areas with high traffic.

One of the most common myths is the belief that the longer a slot machine has gone without paying out, the sooner the machine will payout. There is no reliable formula to predict when a machine will payout. Random number generators make slots totally random. While all slots must meet the payout percentage programmed into the random number generator there is no way to tell exactly when a machine will pay off.

One of the most ridiculous slot myths involves heating a coin with a lighter or match in the bizarre belief that a hot coin will somehow warm up the machine's gears and cause it to pay out. In reality, slot machines do not have many gears and the ones they do have no effect over the outcome of any spin. This was a myth most likely started by someone who had had too much to drink.

Some people believe that players pulling the arm of a slot machine will win more often than players pushing the machine's buttons. In some casinos, slots have buttons and arms like old style 'one armed bandits.' Online slot games have neither. As far as the machine's random number generator is concerned, both of these actions are the same, and doing one or the other will not affect the outcome of any game spin.

There are many more slot machine myths but these are the most common. Players need to remember that only the random number generator can influence the outcome of any single game spin. Slots can provide players with hours of fun and entertainment but believing in these common myths can cost players plenty!

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