How Smoking Bans Affect Online Bingo

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There's no doubt that smoking is a controversial topic, but for those who maintain a nicotine habit, the loss of freedom to enjoy a cigarette in a public place can have dire consequences for businesses. Such is the case with recent Bingo smoking bans that have been initiated in traditional Bingo halls. There is no doubt that those who are forced to go for hours without smoking a cigarette would rather play Bingo online and in the comfort of their own homes, with a mouse in one hand and a cigarette in the other, than suffer for hours with nicotine cravings. As more and more bingo halls on a global scale - including USA Bingo - have banned smoking, more players are turning to online gaming casinos and Bingo sites.

Bingo and smoking often goes hand in hand and the rate of smokers who play the game outnumbers non smokers at a rate of 3:1. Though smoke free Bingo sounds like a healthy alternative and the intentions are good; too many smokers are dropping out of the games as they simply can't bear to part from their cigarettes. Many Bingo halls hope to attract more non smokers to these games in an effort to make up for the loss of business as smokers find other ways to enjoy the game.

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While many companies and organizations that operate charitable Bingo functions think sagging numbers will eventually pick up; others aren't so sure. The impact of Bingo smoking bans can be witnessed worldwide and a number of Bingo halls have closed their doors following the decision. Most players will readily agree that banning smoking is bad for Bingo's business. As smoking bans vary from state to state and region by region, it's important to inquire ahead of time whether or not the facility you are interested in playing at allows smoking or not. Additionally, many private organizations and clubs may be exempt from city or state wide bans and ordinances, making it imperative to find out the policies of each Bingo hall before playing.

It might seem strange to think that organizations such as churches, hospitals and other organizations could be negatively impacted by a smoking ban, but it's true. As these charitable organizations rely on the funds from Bingo games, and more bans have been enacted, players are dropping out and choosing to play online instead. The smoking bans have inadvertently hurt charitable organizations and have reduced the amount of funds raised. These bans have caused considerable concern to those who rely on Bingo proceeds for fund raising as well as for profit.

Online Bingo games provide many advantages and for the smoker, the benefits are far too obvious. The ability to enjoy an interactive and social game of Bingo from the comfort of your own home is immense, but for those who smoke, it is priceless. As more Bingo halls shut their doors to smokers, the online gaming world is waiting with open chat rooms, plenty of bonuses and special promotions for new players to enjoy.

One area in particular where smoking bans have a strong impact on Bingo players is those who are in cold weather. Many Bingo players would rather stay in the warmth of their own homes and enjoy playing a game comfortably than go to a Bingo hall where they are forced to brave the bitter cold in order to enjoy a cigarette break. There is very little that a non smoking Bingo hall can do to make their gaming environment an attractive, friendly and welcoming place to the player who wishes to smoke but is prohibited to.

As online gaming allows players to enjoy the freedom of playing in a relaxed and comfortable environment, without needing to lose the ability to smoke, online Bingo rooms are enjoying phenomenal success. Even some smokers who work in Bingo halls are finding it difficult to handle the non smoking environment and are looking for employment elsewhere. Online Bingo halls create a fun, friendly atmosphere that includes realistic sounds and graphics and the ability to communicate with other Bingo players through chat rooms. Those who are interested in playing Bingo for the monetary rewards will find that there are many advantages to playing in an online environment as compared to offline.

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