Talking the Talk at Online Bingo Sites

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Since the turn of the century the popularity of online bingo has exploded in the UK. Bingo has been a popular game for decades and there is hardly a town, village or hamlet without its own High Street bingo hall. In many bingo halls is it common to see groups of players that have been participating for years. For most bingo players the game is as much about social interaction as it is winning. A survey taken about five years ago showed that a clear majority of bingo players, on and offline, consider social interaction more important than financial gain. Go to any bingo hall and you will see that the games are not as competitive as poker and blackjack games. The same is true for online bingo players. Games have a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Talking the Talk at Online Bingo sitesAt online bingo sites most bingo games have a separate chat room for players. In bingo halls talking during games is strongly discourages but at internet bingo gales talking is encouraged. Thanks to the auto daub feature found at most bingo sites players can chat away without have to worry about making a mistake marking their cards. Thanks to the auto daub feature players can literally play dozens of cards simultaneously and many players do.

Newbies may be confused by the 'bingo lingo' spoken in the chat rooms. Bingo lingo is a collection of abbreviations and symbols that keep conversations flowing. For example WTG means 'way to go' and is used to congratulate a winner. LOL means 'laughing out loud' CH means 'Chat Host' and there are many others. Other more experienced players are more than willing to help new players. Chat rooms at bingo sites are laid back and do not have the aggressive, intensely competitive atmosphere found at poker sites and some online casinos.

Online bingo games have many themes and there is sure to be something for everyone. During the recent royal wedding most UK bingo sites features special wedding themed games. Most bingo sites also have a good selection of side games including slots, video poker, blackjack keno and many other casino games. Some sites have networked slots with huge jackpots. In addition to side games many bingo sites host regular tournaments and progressive jackpot games with large jackpots. In the UK there are already a few bingo millionaires and the next one could be you!

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