The Benefits of Online Bingo Networks

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The Benefits of Online Bingo NetworksNetworks are common in the online bingo industry. Bingo networks enable several operators to pool their resources and player pools. Linked bingo games at land based casinos and bingo halls are similar to online bingo networks. Since networked or linked games have a larger number of players the jackpots are larger. Generally bingo jackpots are determined by the number of players in a game. Networks also make it possible for new operators to launch their sites and the competition has been very good for players. Thanks to competition players enjoy larger bonuses than ever and a huge variety of promotions are always available. Many players have no idea that they are playing a networked game. Although the sites may look different the games are the same within a network.

So what is a bingo network? Put simply a bingo network is a group of sites that pool their players and jackpot money using services from a central location. For example if site A has 10 players in a game, Site B has another 10 and site C has 15 for a total of 35 players. If each site was a standalone operator the prize pool is determined by the number of players in the game. If the sites are part of a network every player counts and the jackpot will be larger. Players at each site don't really need to know that they are playing with players from another site since everyone benefits from the network and pooled resources.

Today there are between 350 and 400 bingo sites online. A majority are networked although there are some large standalone bingo operators. Most are based in the UK or are targeting players in the UK which has the world's largest per capita online bingo market. Some networks offer what are known as white label solutions. Put simply a white label solution is a ready to run bingo site. Networks offer investors a turnkey solution. The concept is similar to acquiring a franchise.

Like everything else online bingo networks have their pros and cons. For new operators networks offer an off the shelf ready to run bingo site. It is a quick to get an online bingo business up and running. On the con side networks has helped some people with no expertise of or experience in the industry to set up sites. Some of these operators are only interested in making money and have no real passion for the game. In the past there were issues with logins within a network but advances software has eliminated this problem. Today's networks are far superior to those in the past. Industry competition has forced operators to remain on their toes and provide the best customer service. In addition to stellar customer service today's bingo sites are offering more bonuses, promotions and player perks than ever.

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