The Difference Between Online Bingo in the US and the UK

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The Difference Between Online Bingo in the US and the UKThe game of bingo has been around for over five centuries. At one time in France bingo was the most popular game among the nobility. In modern times bingo has had a close association with churches, charities and fraternal organizations. The first charity bingo games took place in Denver and were so successful that several Catholic parishes started to use the game for fundraising. Bingo has also been responsible for the creation of tribal gaming operations in the US. In the late 70's and 80's the Seminole tribe in Florida opened a massive bingo hall. After a prolonged legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court tribal gaming was declared legal and today tribal gaming takes in billions every year.

Today most gambling games, including bingo, are available online thanks to new technologies. Bingo games are also available for mobile phones and most major operators offer mobile applications. Bingo is popular on both sides of the Atlantic but the games differ. In the United States 75 ball games are the most popular while in Great Britain 90 ball games dominate the bingo scene. The original 75 ball version was created by Edwin S. Lowe who adopted a carnival game known as 'Beano." After he heard a player shout 'Bingo' instead of beano he decided to rename the game.

In the UK 90 ball games bear a close resemblance to an Old Italian holiday game called 'Tombola." Some historians believe British sailors introduced the game in England at the close of the 19th century. Bingo went online in the late 90's and the early games were free. In 2004 there were only about 20 bingo sites online and today there are more than 350! Most UK based bingo sites offer 90 and 75 ball games while bingo sites targeting the US offer 75 ball games exclusively. The American version of the game is played on a card with a 5 x 5 grid and will have random numbers from a field of 1-75.

In the UK bingo cards are called tickets. On UK bingo tickets 15 numbers are randomly placed in twenty seven squares of nine columns and three rows. On the tickets each line contains 5 numbers plus four blank spaces. To win playing UK style bingo it is necessary to have one or two rows filled and if all the squares are covered it is a 'full house.' It is not possible to use special patterns on 90 ball bingo tickets. In the US version it is possible to use unique patterns like a star or Christmas tree pattern. No matter which version is played bingo provides fun and entertainment to millions.

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