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At first it may seem that switching from a brick and mortar Bingo hall to an online casino means sacrificing the fun and social aspects of the game. This couldn't be further from the truth. With new advancements in technology, crystal clear audio, chat rooms and stunning graphics, those who make the switch to online bingo find that the social aspect of the game remains intact. Though many may be initially drawn to specific sites because they offer the best bingo deposit bonus or large prizes, it isn't uncommon for those new players to stick around. Whether you're just trying your hand at online Bingo due to an enticing promotion or have decided to see what other online Bingo players are raving about, chances are that once you make the switch, you'll ask yourself why you didn't play sooner. Here are the top 7 reasons to switch to online Bingo and the benefits you'll enjoy.

1. Play from the comfort of your own home
Those who switch to online Bingo get to enjoy playing their favorite game from the comfort of their own homes. For many, the ability to relax, put their feet up, and play Bingo in their own leisurely environment, while still maintaining a high degree of sociability with other players not only is convenient, but helps players relax, ensuring the best game possible. Online gambling security is a high priority and you can play from the comfort of your own home conveniently and safely.

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2. Save gas and transportation costs
Saving the cost of gas and the time spent for transportation is a huge benefit and one of the reasons many avid online Bingo gamers continue to play from home. With online gaming casinos, you don't need to leave your city or town and head for the top Las Vegas casinos in order to play at some of the best and most noteworthy tables. No matter where you live, you can join in a virtual game and enjoy the same benefits as if you had traveled to the top gambling destinations.

3. Wider selection of games to play
Those who play online Bingo are not limited to the offerings that are currently playing in brick and mortar locations, but instead get the opportunity to select from a wide array of games. You can find a top room that becomes your favorite and join in as you like, or pick and choose from many games. The choice is yours, and when you play from home, you'll discover you are surrounded by choice.

4. Play when you feel like it, 24/7
One of the greatest advantages to switching from traditional casinos to online gaming is that you have the freedom to play whenever you feel like it, 24/7. You won't need to wait for a casino to open in order to join in on the fun. Online Bingo chat rooms provide stimulating interaction, fun conversation and plenty of opportunities to socialize with others; whenever you feel like it. With online gaming you are not limited to the times that a brick and mortar casino or Bingo hall is open, but rather have the freedom to choose when and where you'll play

5. Choose your own software
Online Bingo games are plentiful and each has its own options. You can choose your own software and ensure that the game you play has the features you want in online gaming. You can be as selective as you want and make certain that the game you choose has the ambience and atmosphere that provides you with the best gaming environment.

6. Take advantage of online promotions
As there are many online Bingo games, there are many companies that want you to play at their casinos or halls. These companies will offer a number of online promotions in order to get you to play, such as offer a Bingo deposit bonus and special prizes. Many players enjoy trying out new casinos and Bingo halls in order to take advantage of the various online promotions.

7. Win progressive jackpots
Online Bingo games tend to have higher jackpots than their brick and mortar counterparts. As more people can join in and play, the jackpots are often unlimited; unlike traditional halls. The benefits of playing online Bingo are vast, but for many, the ability to have higher winnings is the top reason to play online bingo.

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