Where Is Your Favorite Online Bingo Site Located?

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In the UK online bingo is a popular game and over three million residents play online bingo regularly. Most of the companies doing business in the UK are reputable but unfortunately there are still a few bad apples operating. Most online bingo players tend to ignore where the site is located and this can be a costly mistake. When players are playing bingo and side games where the site is located seems irrelevant. Since players are required to share their banking details with bingo sites it is always a good idea to know where the site is licensed.

In most cases online bingo is one of the safest games on the internet. Most bingo sites now use P-128 Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that is impossible to hack. Players should always avoid bingo sites not using this technology. Although the risk factor associated with online bingo is very low it is easier for less than honest operators to gain a player's trust. In many cases winning players are not paid and the operators provide inaccurate contact details. They will also use a variety of excuses; admin problems, computer problems, natural disasters and just about anything they can think of. Since most rogue operators are located offshore players have no legal recourse and will never recover their money.Where is your favorite online bingo sites located

In the UK online bingo players and gamblers are well protected. Instead of taking a prohibitionist stance against online gaming the UK has set up a highly successful regulatory regime. Unfortunately gambling taxes in the UK are very high and several bingo operators have moved to other countries with lower taxes. The UK gambling commission maintains a 'white list' of approved licensing jurisdictions. Generally white list countries have strict regulations. Many require the regular testing of gaming software to make sure all games are fair and random. Essentially the white list is a list of licensing jurisdictions that enforce regulations that are equal to the ones in the UK.

Things may change for offshore bingo operators soon if the government has its way. A 'point of consumption' tax will be imposed and it will no longer be profitable for bingo operators to locate offshore. The new regulations will make online bingo safer for everyone and will provide much needed funds for the government in the UK.

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