Words with Friends Bingo

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Alec Baldwin Words with FriendsWords With Friends is a multi-player real time game developed by San Francisco game developer Zynga. The game is somewhat similar to scrabble. Players take turns building words in this crosswords puzzle style game. Up to 20 words with friends games can be played at the same time, and the game uses push notifications to tell players when it is their turn - similar to how the online bingo games on BingoHouse ping players when their clock is running down (for a full overview of our bingo features, click here. The game is popular on Facebook and players can play with their Facebook friends or with randomly assigned opponents. The game was released in 2009 and can also be played on several mobile devices including Android phones, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices. Words with friends also has a chat feature built into the game so players can communicate while playing.

Like Scrabble, the game uses tiles that players use to form words. Letters have numerical values and the game has its own official dictionary. The game has attracted a few famous players. In December 2011, actor Alec Baldwin was thrown off an American Airlines flight after he refused the cabin attendant's request that he quit playing during takeoff. The incident received widespread publicity. Other celebrity players include John Mayer, Terrell Owens, Al Roker, Rainn Wilson and Eliza Dushku.

Words with friends has a bingo feature, much like the one used in scrabble. In scrabble, players score a bingo if they use all six tiles to spell one word. The game has what are known as bingo stems. A bingo stem is a group of six letters that gives players the highest probability of forming a seven letter word. Examples of words with friends bingo stems include TISANE, SATIRE and RETINA. In words with friends, bingos are less of an advantage than they are in scrabble. So be cautious: in Words with Friends, Bingos are worth 35 points instead of 50. They can also open up swaths of bonus tiles for opponents.

There are several good tutorials online to help new players learn the game and the different strategies that can be used. There is also an official Words with Friends rulebook. The video sharing website YouTube has several good videos explaining the game and offering valuable tips. Players that have played scrabble in the past will have no trouble learning words with friends. The mobile option allows people to play the game no matter where they happen to be when the mood strikes them. Words with friends is one of the most popular games on Facebook.

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