Christmas Bingo Tourney Christmas Bingo Tourney Christmas Bingo Tourney

Christmas Bingo Tourney

Fill the Holidays with Festive Bingo Fun

Add some Christmas fun to your bingo every single day from the beginning of the month right through to Christmas day itself in our exciting Christmas Bingo Tourney. What's even more exciting is that you'll be playing for $1,000 of prizes every day with a massive $25,000 to be won over the tourney period.

All sorts of exciting Christmas characters will be present in the Christmas Bingo room throughout the bingo tourney thanks to the huge range of different Christmas-themed bingo patterns that you'll have to play through. The tournament will play from December 1st till midnight on December 25th with daily prizes for the top 30 players who win the most times on our special Christmas Bingo Tourney patterns in the Christmas Bingo room. The top player each day will nab a $500 cash prize, while the others will scoop prizes in free play

Christmas Bingo Tourney

If you're interested in joining in, our Christmas Bingo tourney games will play once an hour in the Christmas Bingo room for each of the 25 days of the tournament. Cards to join the tourney will cost just $0.50. For each of the cards that you win with, you will earn yourself a single tourney point which is then added to your total so that we at BingoHouse can see who it is that's winning that day and award the top $500 prize accordingly. To make it even better, we have a special tournament promo where you can buy 6 cards and get 3 more for free! It's really the best way to improve your winning chances.


Ranking Prizes Balance
1st Place $500 Cash
2nd Place $200 Free Play Bonus
3rd Place $100 Free Play Bonus
4th Place $50 Free Play Bonus
5th Place $30 Free Play Bonus
6th - 10th $10 Free Play Bonus
11th - 20th $5.00 Free Play Bonus
21th - 30th $2.00 Free Play Bonus

At this point we should also point out that only wins that have occurred within the tournament will actually count towards your score, and therefore how high up you can move through the leader boards each day. As it's a daily tourney though, you'll have plenty of chances to keep trying your luck.

To make this Christmas Bingo Tourney really give you that Christmas cheer (and possibly give you the cash to buy all those presents!), all of the card layouts will be created using various Christmassy icons and characters. These include a Santa hat, eggnog, elf, gingerbread man, a reindeer, snowman and even a snowflake - and that's not even all of them. Think of this as your own countdown advent calendar and see how many of the different Christmas characters you can successfully complete as you try your luck at getting all the numbers on the bingo cards.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only wins from the Christmas Bingo Tourney games within the time frame of each daily Tournament will be considered towards winning that day’s Tournament.
  • Daily tournaments play between (12:01AM EDT and 11:59PM EDT each day between December 1st and December 25th 2019.
  • 1st place will receive a cash prize. Rankings from 2nd to 30th will receive their prize in Free Play Bonus.
  • Prizes will be credited to the players' accounts automatically on the following day.
  • In the case of a tie between players in terms of Bingo wins, the higher ranked place will be awarded to the player reaching the amount of Bingo wins first.
  • General Website Rules Apply.