Pumpkin Bingo Pumpkin Bingo Pumpkin Bingo

Pumpkin Bingo

Spookily easy wins are here this October

This October it's all about bingo in the best possible way. Every Sunday, we're going to make it even easier for you to enjoy playing bingo. How, you ask? Well, all you need to do is head down to the Halloween Bingo Room from 6:00PM EDT, and you'll find out about it!

What's going to happen is that we're going to offer a number of exciting bingo games with scarily low card prices. That's right, scary can be good sometimes! So, if you're ready for a frightfully good scare, don't forget to join us on Sundays throughout the month for Pumpkin Bingo.

In our Pumpkin Bingo event, there are going to be two different games on offer. The first of these is a Mystery Bingo game with a prize pot starting at $13.00. This will continue to increase until it reaches $31.00. Then, it will remain for the next three calls before lowering. Cards cost $0.05.

The second bingo game is the $3,100 Coverall game. This will play as both the Top of the Hour and the mid-hour specials. Just like the other games, cards for this will only cost $0.05, so why not get out and grab your cards now before they all spookily disappear?

The entire event will only run from 6:00PM EDT to 8:00PM EDT on Sundays. The games will be non-stop too so there's plenty of chances for you to have a lot of fun.