Walk the Plank Bingo! Walk the Plank Bingo! Walk the Plank Bingo!

Walk the Plank Bingo!

Walk the Plank and Talk like a Pirate!

September 19th is Talk like a Pirate Day and we're very happy to use that as another excuse to celebrate. We're gonna do that by lowering the plank, meaning the cost of cards! Also, there will of course be lots of treasures available - and lots of crazy games to get those treasures!

To take advantage of Walk the Plank bingo, we're going to be offering special games in the Summer Bingo room from 8:00PM EDT until 9:00PM EDT. These games can be considered to be like a kind of bingo treasure hunt. Will you get the treasure, or will you walk the plank?

Games will start with a pot of $190.00 and will gradually drop down unless it's won, down to a minimum of $19.00. You can pick up cards for these games for a mere pittance of $0.50 each. On top of this, if you buy 6, you get 3 more cards free.

Savvy bingo players (probably you if you are smart enough to read about the promotions on here) will take as much advantage as they can of this offer, using the cheap price to get multiple cards and try to get a bingo as soon as humanly possible to keep those winnings high!

Remember to set your calendar, your watch, your phone, or your spouse for 8:00PM EDT on Saturday, September 19 EDT. Get your pirate hats, your peg legs, and your grog out. We're going to have a super-duper nautical time looking for treasure. Yar be dar be dar!