Valentine $3,000 Special! Valentine $3,000 Special! Valentine $3,000 Special!

Valentine $3,000 Special!

Get some love in our Valentine $3,000 Special!

Sunday, February 14th is Valentine's Day and we're here to make that romantic day a truly special one. To celebrate love, we've got our Valentine $3,000 Special running in the Valentine's Bingo room from 6:00PM EST so grab your cards, wine, and have some truly romantic fun with all of us.

For this extra special event, we've got six $500 guaranteed games ready and waiting for you. These will play as the top of the hour games, so make sure you stick around for all the action as there will be plenty of chances for you to win some prizes.

The cards for this Valentine $3,000 Special event are set at $2.00 each and you can start getting them right now. We've made this even easier for you too with our Buy 3 get 2 free promo offer, which is our Valentine's Day gift to you and a way of sharing the love.

Why not join this event with a loved one and cozy up together as you watch the bingo numbers roll out? Or, if you're unlucky in love, maybe this is the day to turn it around. Come down to the Valentine's Bingo Room and get chatting with the other players.

You must have an account with us if you want to join though. This is very quick and easy to do so get signing up right now! Once you're with us, grab those cards and get ready for a truly romantic evening, possible big wins, and lots of friends.